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Through my work, I process the unusual and mundane elements of my daily life. I create to affirm that I’m both here and elsewhere, all the time. I’m interested in what comes to the surface when working intuitively. Drawing and writing are a way of making mental processes physical—while hands are occupied, unconscious thoughts can emerge and be recorded through shape, words, or symbols. Working in stitching and slower forms of making allows my mind to wander, and I’m able to unearth dormant thoughts, lingering feelings, and make connections. As my body and environment continuously alter, I observe and linger in between states—moments of being both in and out of the body. Using quilting, piece-work, and stitching, I preserve and alter memories. I surrender to the fact that my present life will eventually be grown over by the weeds and ivy of whatever images are in my future.


Laurel Rennie is an artist working with drawing, quilting, piece-work, and collage. She is currently based in Montreal, but has lingering roots in Windsor, ON and Halifax, NS where she completed a BFA at NSCAD University. She enjoys baking pie, scavenging, and creature comforts.